Thursday, July 12, 2012

Style Spotlight: Miroslava Duma

For a fashion blogger/editor, there is no such thing as a dull moment when it comes to wardrobe choices. When you work in an environment full of fashion inspiration with every passing pedestrian (big shout-out to Tommy Ton!), get invited to front row seats at every major designer fashion show, and best of all...receive gifts in the form of designer duds delivered to you by the boxes; it's safe to say you're not one of those girls who stares into their closet every morning and lets out a heavy sigh of discontent.

Take for example, Miroslava Duma former editor of  Russia's Harper's Bazaar and the current editor for online fashion editorial Buro 24/7. Standing at 5'3" this petite brunette beauty never fails to enthrall in her eclectic sense of style. Refraining from one particular look, Duma consistently keeps viewers highly engrossed and the web pages a clickin'.  A favorite amongst street style photographers, Duma manages to give them what they want... fashion week after fashion week.

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