Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sweet Buy: LAYERXLAYER Rucksack

If you're a packrat like myself, you cannot leave home without all your must-have necessities. Which can be a downside in terms of trying to find where everything is located.  Luckily for us, couple design duo Patrick Turiello and Leah Fabish of LAYERXLAYER heard our cluttered cries.  Introducing the Peak Dot Wayfarer Rucksack a super stylish, super functional backpack designed to help keep our hectic lives a bit more organized. Check it out below.  

There's a home for all your belongings.
Key hooks and pen pouches guarantee you'll never have to riffle through your purse in search of your keys or a pen ever again.  
Practical and stylish design.
Made in NYC.
My favorite part of it all...exterior straps to hold your yoga mat, beach towels, straw beach mats...the ideal travel bag! You can purchase the bag here and be on your way to a more organized, yet stylish destination.

Photos:  Of a Kind

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