Sunday, June 24, 2012

Art Exhibit | A Distant Winter

Last night I was suuuper excited to go check out the opening exhibition for 'A Distant Winter' at the Phone Booth Gallery in Long Beach. Since the gallery is located right by my house, we decided to take a nice, evening stroll over there to check out the artwork and meet some of the amazing, talented artists.

The exhibit featured three artists of immense caliber-Melbourne-based artist and illustrator Ken Taylor, along with South American resident Martin Ansin, and East coaster Rich Kelly.  In A Distant Winter, all three artists depicted the sometimes harsh, cold season of winter in fantastical fashion and intense vision.  Captured in such great detail, color, and even emotion; each piece magnetically pulls you in and captivates your soul for even just the slightest second.

One of my favorite pieces from Ken Taylor due to the impeccable detailing.

Art by Rich Kelly.

The artist himself, Ken Taylor.

Sealing up the purchased artwork.

We left the show empty-handed but may purchase a print online. I suggest everyone go check out some local galleries in your community and purchase artwork with meaning rather than mass produced art from chain stores, although that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's great to have meaning and stories behind pieces you chose for your home. 

Gorgeous shot of the moon on a gorgeous night out. 

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Photos: By Me and Evan 

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