Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Top 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts

Communication through photos and videos is the new way of life in a world saturated by social media and technology. One of my favorite social media avenues to utilize is Instagram. Enabling you to be transported worlds away to another land and witness beauty through the perspective of a strangers eyes. So, I wanted to share my top five favorite Instagram accounts that constantly keep me inspired and enchanted with the world around me. 


Like something straight out of a fairytale.  An Australian couple purchased this neglected chateau built in the 1700’s putting all their efforts into restoring it back to its original beauty.  Everyday brings a new surprise discovery and unexpected guest.


Photo: @teamwoodnote    
Using the hashtag #mytinyatlas, Tiny Atlas Quarterly reposts images of the most inspiring, surreal travel photos from all over the world. This account features remarkably beautiful photos of composition, color, angles and conveys a strong emotion of calmness.


Photo: @natkelley 
Want to travel to exotic places around the world without having to spend a dime?! Well I suggest you follow Nathalie Kelley (beautiful actress and moon child) on her very epic Instagram account taking you places all around the world and always in fashionable attire... or lack thereof. 



One of my favorite brands from Vancouver, Herschel not only supplies you with the dopest travel gear around, they curate exceptionally breathtaking photos from all over the world keeping to their brand aesthetics and vision alike. 

5. @MADEWELL1937

Parisian meets American fusion is how I’d refer to Madewell style.  I adore everything about this brand and its chic, put-together looks. Their clean cohesive Instagram feed is always inspiring, fun, and makes you head over to their site and stock your cart full of goodies. 

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? 

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