Thursday, September 11, 2014

Closet Visit: The Site

Designer, Sophie Buhai’s Closet 

It might very well be every girls inquisitive nature to be curious about what it looks like inside any fashionable women’s closet.  Just to garner a sneak peek inside the lavish temple that is every women’s sanctuary. Thankfully there’s a site for that called  Photographer Jeana Sohn did just that, visiting the closets of fashionable women all over Los Angeles, photographing them in their natural habitat and interviewing them on topics from their favorite places to shop to their own unique styles.

Actress & Blogger, Shiva Rose’s Closet

Vintage Shop Owner, Sunny Walker’s Closet

Shop Owner, Bo Carney’s Closet

Actress, Allison Miller’s Closet

Designer, Raquel Allegra’s Closet 

Writer & Editor, Crystal Meers’ Closet

Dancer, Jasmine Crossiant’s Closet 

Model, Camille Cregan’s Closet 


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