Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen-Stone Cold Fox Fall 2014 Collection

There's something about the Stone_Cold_Fox Fall 2014 Collection that evokes a faded memory, as if you were there, but you cannot recall. Maybe it was an old french film that you saw, or a beautiful wedding you attended. Whatever the memory it be, it's a pleasant feeling that takes over, like birds singing to you on your window sill whilst sipping tea.  

Utterly beautiful and relentlessly romantic are the pieces in the fall collection. A to-die for delicate lace Denver dress in both black and white, too painful to choose which color you want, hating yourself for not being able to afford both.  Full-lenght silk navy print robe  brings back the hankering of old films where the main actresses puffed on long cigarettes and spoke to their counterparts with brash tones and quick wit.  The collection is available for purchase now, better get them before they become nothing more than a faded memory.

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