Saturday, June 29, 2013

Style Spotlight: Emily Ratajkowski

You may recognize this olive skinned beauty dancing around and snuggling a baby lamb from a certain video featuring a certain musician alongside a fellow musician. If you haven't figured it out by now. This brunette beauty is indeed the skintight-clan, white-jumpsuit-wearing (or barely suited; whichever version you watched) model from the Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines" music video featuring singer/rapper Pharrell Williams. But wait, that's not what got our attention; Ratajkowski's easy, effortless style and glowing, natural make-up has got us all in a state of blur.

With such a eye for perfecting minimalistic looks, Ratajkwoski nails the effortless L.A. style many only attempt to attain. As her style insists, Ratajkowski prefers to keep it basic in color, simple in print, and streamlined in silhouette. The sexy model's choice attire for a lazy afternoon be a loose-fitted, white button-down blouse, black leggings, and black leather jacket resulting in L.A. chic! Or switching it up to a more formal art gallery event in a black, white collared halter style dress from sustainable fashion frontier Reformation paired with an updated, sexier version of a Mary Jane. Okay, we get the fact that her occupation is entailed to make men oggle her and women desire to buy what she is modeling; but we have to give it to her in the stee's department. With such a distinct eye for style, she's already got us down as regular customers!

Photos: Various Sources, Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram

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