Monday, August 20, 2012

Style Spotlight: Sarah Ruba

As the very cliched story of model-turned musician (ah-hem! Milla Jovovich circa 1994) seemingly has a rather short-lived life span, this one story in particular is something destined to be fully lived. Enter Canadian (currently Brooklyn-based) model-turned-musician Sarah Ruba, lead singer of the band New Look created with her husband Adam Pavao. Already creating a buzz in the electronic-dance scene, New Look's electronic-pop, dub-step sound temporarily leaves you in an of out-of-body, slow-motion exuberance that you never want to go away. Ruba's soft voice makes it even more enchanting--hypnotizing you into a realm of surrealistic bliss.

Modeling since she was a teen; you can say Ruba is certified professional when it comes to fashion. Like most models/musicians, Ruba's taste naturally shifts to vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces sought out through flea markets or on-line sites. Paying homage to the dazzling days of old Hollywood glamour wearing her hair a à la Veronica Lake's long and sexy side-swept curls combined with cherry red lips or taking a cue from 90's grunge in a loose-fitted, second-hand store dress paired with lovingly-worn-in black boots topped off with men's aviator suede jacket-whether it be modeling or live music gigs, Ruba's style and talent has us chanting in unison for an encore.

Photos: Refinery 29, Relax Your Mind, Vogue

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