Sunday, May 13, 2012

Unique LA Spring 2012

Unique LA Spring 2012. The concept of Unique LA is quite simple. Shop local.

One of my favorite stops was Voz, a collection of wood jewelry designed in funky prints and splashed in bright, bold eye-catching colors. 

I purchased one of these bracelets in a neon yellow shade for $20.  It's a perfect summer accessory to flaunt while sipping Pina Coladas by the pool. You can shop for items here, or check out their facebook page here.  

DIY Arts and Crafts.

Another one of my favorite local LA designers is  a clothing/accessory line called LOVE NAIL TREE.  I truly respect how this is a label promoting conscious thought and steering the topic of the world into more important matters that are often ignored in todays society.

Fleet Collection.
A beautiful collection of romantic dresses and whimsical tops in the most dreamiest colors and fabrics.
Last but not least...Caine's Arcade. The imaginative 9-year old boy who built an elaborate arcade out of boxes in his dad's auto shop. Not only did Caine steal our hearts but he made us toss down our fancy gadgets and gizmos for a day and reminded us what it felt like to be a kid all over again. If you haven't watched Caine's story, I strongly suggest you watch it now! 

The goods I took home.  Happy local shopping!

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